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Hi! I would like to share with you a project that I designed and constructed for Halloween 1997. I named this project: The Tour of Terror. It is a tour of an ancient castle sight where ghosts reappear every 100 years beginning in 1597 with the supposed death of a medival landowner, Lord Patrick Brimshire. It takes place on our 4 1/2 acre wooded lot starting with a "breifing" in my basement where the audience is introduced to their 'ghost host' for the remainder of the tour. After this pre-show, the audience is led into their Doombuggies (name from Walt Disney World's 'Haunted Mansion') where they start the tour. They go through multiple scenes towards the beginning of the ride that show the ghost's abilities for disaster. A scene where an accompanying scientist, Doctor William Hendrickson of Hendrickson Paranormal Research Facility, gets blown up on his tractor by the spirits (see 'Hendrickson's Death Scene') , and also the major pyrotechnic scene in which an electric fence goes haywire and blows up, sparking and smoking with boards and signs collapsing ( see 'The Electric Fence Scene'). All in all, the audiences have raved about the tour, especially the scenes towards the end in which ghosts and spirits (played by friends of mine) pop out of the woods in costumes to scare the victims ... huh, I mean audience members, in the best way possible. Check out this web page to see some of the behind-the-scenes parts of:
The Tour of Terror!

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Hendrickson's Death
Pirate Tavern & Indian Teepee
Electric Fence

Sound FX

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